We translate aerial imagery into data! Readaar mines data from aerial photographs & satellite images

Founded in 2017 by

  • Matthijs van Til

  • Sven Briels

Incubation period

01-06-2017 to 01-06-2019

About Readaar

Readaar mines data from aerial photographs and LiDAR data. We use object recognition, machine learning, change detection and dense image matching to translate imagery or point clouds into actionable knowledge and CAD files.

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The challenge

Aerial imaginery is well suited for surveying a building or an area quickly. But, what do you do if you want to inspect thousands of buildings or a whole country? Doing it manually isn't an option! Readaar can offer solutions for challenges of several proffesions, for example;
- Engineering companies and contractors; For projects involving the inspection of large areas or many buildings, local surveying is both expensive and time consuming.
- Marketers; A house says a lot about is owners. For example, the owners of solar panels constitute an interesting target group for a broad range of products.
- Grid operators and energy suppliers; Solar energy is growing rapidly. One significant challenge of this growth is in rural areas where there is a risk of grid overload (small grid capacity vs big installations). Energy suppliers have to balance demand and production and therefore need to know the total amount of solar energy produced.

The solution

Readaar can provide the following solutions to above mentioned challenges;
- Engineering companies and contractors; from the sky, we provide reliable 2D or 3D measurements. This way we can produce a DSM (Digital Surface Model) or a DTM (Digital Terrain Model) quicker and cheaper, even at the highest (Dutch) government standarts!
- Maketers; We detect and map solar panels on an adress level. This is interesting if your product is related to solar panels, also if you are selling solar panels because people buy them only once. Besides solar panels, we map a whole range of other housing characteristics.
- Grid operatord and energy suppliers; we are able to offer insights about photovoltaic installations at the address level: installed capacity, orientation and inclination.