Selfly BV

A radar system that detects and avoids obstacles making E -VFR possible

Founded in 2012 by

  • Ronald van Gent

Incubation period

01-08-2012 to 01-08-2014


About Selfly BV

Selfly ED&A (based in Noordwijk, the Netherlands) aims to provide pilots of small aircraft with electronic eyes. This allows for a new level of collision avoidance that reaches far beyond human vision capability, and thus supports and enhances the safety and efficiency of flying under VFR.

Contact info

    • Huygensstraat 44
    • 2201 DK
    • Noordwijk
    • Netherlands
  • +31 6 21286840

The challenge

Selfly ED&A aims to provide small aircraft with electronic eyes. This allows for collision avoidance capabilities that reach far beyond the limits human visibility. To support and enhance the safety and efficiency of operating under Visual Flight Rules (VFR),  Selfly ED&A participates in an advanced development process (AMOR) of a radar-based environmental sensor that helps pilots to avoids collisions with other traffic and terrain, using visual guidance while being independent of weather and terrain circumstances.

The solution

The system relies on a continuous-wave radar configuration to scan the space surrounding the aircraft, to identify moving or fixed objects in the sky or on the ground. It can subsequently generate cues to the pilot, and later to the avionics system, that can help with collision avoidance in any weather condition. It will increase pilot safety, and, as a stand-alone system, will not interfere with current civil aircraft operations.