SkyfloX B.V.

Constellations Revisited

Founded in 2016 by

  • Dr. Emmanuel Rammos

Incubation period

01-02-2016 to 01-02-2018

About SkyfloX B.V.

SkyfloX proposes the use of an alternative platform concept for Smallsat-like Payloads, ORCA, forming constellations. 
This concept has been proposed to address issues such as launch costs, debris, environmental impact, coverage and lifetime of Smallsat constellations. 

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The challenge

Most communications and earth observation applications are realized through satellite platforms. In recent years developments in this field came in the form of smallsat constellations. 
There, however, exist various drawbacks to the use of this type of platform, hampering the wider commercial deployment of Smallsat constellations.
The launch costs are relatively high, the lifetime of the satellites is relatively short and requires replenishment, and then there is the issue of space debris. 

The solution

The ORCA concept/alternative platform concept will enhance the service offering of communications/earth observation applications, and will accelerate commercial deployment of Smallsat constellations