CO2 Solutions from Space for Everyday Life.

Founded in 2010 by

  • Max Beaumont

Incubation period

01-09-2010 to 21-08-2012


About Skytree

Skytree turns CO2, the world’s biggest waste stream, into a valuable resource. Our vision is to create a carbon neutral economy for our planet by re-using the CO2 we capture on a large scale.

Contact info

    • Science Park 408
    • 1098 XH
    • Amsterdam
    • Netherlands
  • +31 20 2374980

The challenge

CO2 is a widely used commodity in numerous industries. Currently this CO2 is sourced from supply companies and in turn transported in cylinders and tanks to the desired location. Why do this when there is an abundance of CO2 in the atmosphere already? 

The solution

Skytree’s solution provides CO2 directly from the air, on-site next to the user whether an urban greenhouse or a water treatment plant.