SolarTechno Europe

Solartechno Europe specialist in Autonomous & Modular Off-Grid Systems.

Founded in 2009 by

  • Marco Ghirardello

Incubation period

01-01-2014 to 01-03-2016


About SolarTechno Europe

Solartechno Europe B.V. is developing autonomous (i.e. off grid) electrical power supply systems and is active in the distribution of on grid photovoltaic components. Solartechno Europe BV is also active in the development of a new generation of off grid products and electricity storage systems which take advantage of the latest developments and price reduction of the Lithium Battery technology. Product development is made in collaboration with the European Space Agency.

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The challenge

As we are developing a new product and technology, which has it challenges in contemporary technology. Starting from the developing phase all the way up to the fabrication phase, Solartechno is taking challenges head on.
At the moment Solartechno has finished the development of the needed technology as well as developing the first protorypes. Now the product will be produced in a larger mass (10-15 pcs) and sales for this product will be set-up. In November 2016 Solartechno plans on starting mass production of the Modular Off-Grid system. While taking the challenge of a monitoring device which  is integrated in the product as well as an inverter which will be able to handle different currents.
As the next stage is the step towards mass-production and large scale sales Solartechno's main challenge is to find a reliable and trustworthy investment partner to start this journey.

The solution

NoGrid solution with a modular solution. The solar panels, Lithium-Ion battery, Battery Management System all together produce the NoGrid solution.
The NoGrid solution is a reliable, robust and virtually maintenance free. Due this reliability the NoGrid is cost effective because of its fast dployment and easy installation. Moreover as all buildings have different size of energy consumption  the modular design makes it mulitpurpose and a Plug & Play device. Invest in a small system and a year later you buy another set to enhance the total system.