Soosr, the new strategic talent acquisition tool with an unique approach.

Founded in 2017 by

  • Marlise Mahieu

  • Ronald Schepel

Incubation period

01-02-2017 to 01-11-2017


About Soosr

Employees are the best reference towards new talent. Through their network, we aim to reach a maximum of candidates. Soosr is the first plug and play social referral application that puts your vacancies directly into your target audience through your own employees.
While only 7% of the applicants come from referrals, this small number accounts for nearly half of the hires!
Hire 10 days faster than a job board.
Hire 26 days faster than a career site.

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The challenge


The solution

Companies and recruiter use a variety of sources to find appropriate candidates for their coveted positions.
Traditionally, companies drew from the pool of viable applicants on career sites and job boards. Today, recruiters and companies are utilizing employee referrals to find the best qualified applicants and to lower recruitment costs. But most referral programs are not scalable, depending on the personal connection and are quite ineffective. We make this very easy to handle. Soosr is the first plug and play referral recruitent tool that puts the vacancies directly into your target audience, with more online impact, lower costs and done by your own employees.
Have a look at our video how we do this: