Toogethr, is een Calendar42 dienst

Founded in 2012 by

  • Michel Boerrigter

Incubation period

01-01-2012 to 01-01-2014


About Toogethr

Toogethr is an HTML5-based mobile service allowing you to offer rides and to find rides. To your home, work, a festival or a different place. With friends and colleagues. With friends of friends. Where and when it suits you. Connecting your Toogethr account to your online social accounts increases the trust required for this service.

Contact info

The challenge

As building a critical mass of users is essential to the success of such services, Toogethr has first launch a basic service. More advanced features, automated payments and dynamic rideshare options have been added at a later stage.

The solution

With Toogethr, you can substantially lower the cost of your mobility. As a driver you can request a financial contribution for the ride. Toogethr will take care of the payment between passenger(s) and driver. At the same time, it lowers congestion, and reduces CO2 emissions.