Viridian Raven

Risk assessment for forest management

Founded in 2015 by

  • Lisa Broekhuizen

  • Wendy Mensink

Incubation period

01-11-2015 to 01-11-2017

About Viridian Raven

The goal of Viridian Raven is to help forest managers worldwide with protecting their forests against bark beetle outbreaks and save trees.

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The challenge

Forest managers worldwide are influenced by insect outbreaks destroying their forests.
One of these insects, bark beetles, can destroy entire forests within a short amount of time.

Viridian Raven offers a solution to help preventing these outbreaks.
With the use of data from the Sentinel-satellites, Viridian Raven provides an early warning system for forest managers that makes it possible to take prevention measures.

Therefore, our focus is on forestry companies that desire to reduce their costs to control outbreaks, reduce the damages and save their trees.

The solution

Viridian Raven produces risk analysis by using data from different sources.
This data is coming from Landsat- and Sentinel-satellites, weather stations and local forestry (user) data.
All this data combined is presented in our software for forest managers, which is the non-space benefit.
We are driven by the ambition to bring space data to non-space users to contribute to the environment on Earth.