Discussing patents at the work place

18 October 2018

Tech startups desire control over their own innovations. Not only is this the desire of startups themselves, but also of potential investors; patent protection is a must. The arrival of V.O. Patents & Trademarks as an incubation partner of SBIC Noordwijk underscores that need.

Magnitude Space becomes Hiber

11 December 2017

Under its new name, the company will launch its first smal satellites for a global IoT network in 2018.

Eyeplane aims for Dutch drone hub

24 November 2017

Many of the companies in the ESA BIC program do not meet the pizza-and-beer startup stereotype, nor do they fit into the myth of the Silicon Valley-type garage startup.

From language learning app to the future of education

13 November 2017

When Knowble entered the ESA BIC program in 2015, they had a simple yet revolutionary idea: why not use the GNSS-location of students, plus readily available news articles, to help them learn a (second) language?

Out to Lunch with HeatAway

5 October 2017

ESA BIC Noordwijk’s new incubatee HeatAway introduces the world's first portable, self-heating lunchbox.

Keeping it cool with Meds2Go

21 September 2017

New startup Meds2go is developing a portable cooler to transport temperature-sensitive medication.

SBIC Building Noordwijk

First Step Towards Success: Validation

21 August 2017

Entrepreneurs are often very excited about their new business ideas, and they should be. But it is easy to lose sight of possible hurdles in this phase.

All4Elevation's Alexander Gunkel

Crowdsourcing elevation data to prevent flood damage

4 July 2017

Flood prediction relies on knowing how high each and every spot within a country is. The better the so called “elevation data”, the better people and property can be protected from spring tides and flooding rivers.