Inspecting Roofs from Space

31 May 2017
Readaar co-founders Sven Briels and Matthijs van Til

ESA BIC Noordwijk's new incubatee Readaar is a good example of an established company that is using the opportunity of ESA BIC to expand its service range.

Readaar develops datamining algorithms to inspect real estate from aerial photos. One of Readaar’s most successful use cases is recognising asbestos roofs; these health hazards must be phased out by 2024 according to Dutch law, but no reliable records exist of which houses and sheds still have them. Readaar’s algorithm can reliably detect suspicious roofs.

Looking to expand abroad, Readaar is now interested in including satellite imagery in its toolkit. High quality aerial photos are not available everywhere, but satellite images are. This does mean that Readaar will have to adapt its technology to different resolutions and band widths. Something that ESA BIC will definitely be able to help them with.