Why ESA BIC Noordwijk?

ESA BIC Noordwijk, The Netherlands, has almost 15 years of experience supporting entrepreneurs from idea generation to start-up to scale-up.
ESA BIC Noordwijk is located right next door to ESA's R&D facility ESTEC. This allows any start-up which uses space technology to make good use of ESTEC's research facilities and extensive technical knowledge.
ESA BIC Noordwijk is managed by the Space Business Innovation Centre Noordwijk (SBIC Noordwijk). SBIC Noordwijk offers entrepreneurs on all levels business & financial support, trainings, access to an international network, as well as technical expertise in space technology and use of earth observation data.
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About ESA BIC Noordwijk

ESA BIC Noordwijk, The Netherlands, was opened in 2004 and is managed by SBIC Noordwijk B.V. The centre offers business & financial support as well as technical expertise to entrepreneurs in all steps of their entrepreneurial journey.

Located at the Space Business Park in Noordwijk near to ESTEC, the largest ESA site and the scientific and technical heart of ESA, ESA BIC Noordwijk promotes the exchange of knowledge between advanced technology and space activities, as well as the exchange of technology and expertise between space programmes and terrestrial applications.

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55th Selection Campaign Bavaria

5 November 2018

55th Selection Campaign Estonia

8 November 2018

55th Selection Campaign Bavaria

5 November 2018

55th Selection Campaign Estonia

8 November 2018

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Discussing patents at the work place

18 October 2018

Tech startups desire control over their own innovations. Not only is this the desire of startups themselves, but also of potential investors; patent protection is a must. The arrival of V.O.

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