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Why ESA BIC Portugal

ESA BIC Portugal proposes a strong support structure with different partners.

Companies to be hosted at the centre will have access to:

  • personalized assistance and professional business guidance
  • training and services 
  • technical support from the University of Coimbra, the University of Porto and several polytechnic institutes
  • support in networking and search for appropriate partners to consolidate the start-ups 
  • possibilities to participate in investment forums and meeting venture capital investors

ESA BIC Portugal is managed by Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) and hosts incubation in three locations: in Porto, with the support of UPTEC, in Coimbra, at IPN; in Cascais, with the support of DNA Cascais.

Our startups
Total startups to date (including Alumni)
Current no. startups
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Total turnover
1M €
Support per startup
Funding / startup
50k €
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About ESA BIC Portugal

The ESA Business Incubation Centre (BIC) Portugal opened in November 2014 and is managed by the University of Coimbra’s Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN), in collaboration with Science and Technology Park at University of Porto and DNA Cascais. Local partners include the University of Coimbra, Comissão de Coordenação e Desenvolvimento da Região Centro (CCDRC), Portugal Ventures, FNABA, DNA Cascais, the University of Porto and several polytechnic institutes.
The three ESA BIC Portugal host offices are located in Coimbra at IPN, in Porto at the Science and Technology Park of University of Porto, and in Cascais (near Lisbon) at DNA Cascais.
Over the first five years, the ESA BIC Portugal will support 30 Portuguese start-up companies, providing a financial incentive along business and technical support, creating at least 240 local high-tech jobs.
In total, the start-ups will receive €1.5 million as seed incentive and be able to tap into an additional €7 million in support.

Meet Our Start-ups

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UNDERSEE - Enabling Precision Aquaculture with multi-variable real-time sensing and EOD. ...

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Network Highlights

Success Story

The flying kettle

31 July 2017

A warm meal was quickly delivered by a drone from an ESA business incubator start-up to the last inhabitant in a remote village in Portugal.

Astronaut study gives voice to people with disabilities

From an astronaut head-mount disply to speechless neuro-degenerative diseased patients

We have been working with LusoSpace and LusoVu through the past National Technology Transfer Initiative in Portugal to explore the downstream markets.