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The main mission of the FCT Space Office is to fully explore the benefits of the Portuguese participation in European space programmes, particularly in ESA space programmes. 
In order to fulfill its mission the FCT Space Office is set to:
 - Monitor the participation of Portuguese academia and industry in European and international space programmes while providing recommendations relevant to the implementation of national scientific and technological initiatives and programmes;
 - Contribute to the maintenance of a level of national contribution to ESA and to other international organizations commensurate with the ambitions and capacities of the scientific and industrial communities in line with the policies established for the space domain;
 - Explore the synergies established with other international organizations of which Portugal is a member and, simultaneously, promote bidirectional technology transfer to other economic activity sectors;
 - Promote the visibility and competitiveness of the Portuguese space sector alongside the main European and international partners;
 - Act as the Industrial Liaison Office, promoting the participation of the national industry in the technological activities of the major International Scientific Organizations of which Portugal is a member state (such as ESA, CERN, ESO and ESRF).