Bluecover Technologies

Location based technology

Founded in 2014 by

  • Nuno Duro Santos

Incubation period

01-02-2016 to 31-01-2018

About Bluecover Technologies

Bluecover is a company specialized in geo location services founded in 2014, aiming to provide solutions to aerospace, sports and healthcare businesses based on real-time assets location and tracking technology; The company is established in Portugal, with an office at ESA Business Incubation Center, where is now developing a product for auto-tracking golf shots using GNSS, motion sensors and machine learning technology to detect and characterize golf shots.

Contact info

    • DNA Cascais, Cruz de Popa, Alcabideche
    • 2645-449
    • Cascais
    • Portugal
  • +35932526378

The challenge

The company's main challenge is the TRUESHOT auto-tracking wristband product for Golf sector. This specific wearable device to be globally exploited is expected to be a breakthrough product, automating the collection of golf statistics, as well as providing better positioning accuracy and improved power autonomy (battery life), when compared with the existing products.
The product combines Space technologies with wearable consumer devices monitoring real-world physical activities, such as sports and rehabilitation therapies. The product targets primarily the Sports Leisure businesses but could be leveraged to other sports and other real-work activities (such as healthcare) taking advantages of the experience and knowledge acquired with sensor processing and movement recognition in golf.

The solution

Bluecover's auto-tracking wristband explores the opportunities at the intersection of the usage of Space technologies for commercial purposes and consumer wearables (one of the hottest technology trends). The solution uses GNSS and motion sensors to automatically analyse the performance of golf players:
- Automatically track the position, speed and swing path of each shot, recognising the golf swing movements and its main kinematics steps;
- Systematically collecting detailed data and statistics for post-game analysis;
- Enabling players to benchmark their game results with PGA Tour stats and share them with peers and instructors in order to improve their performance.