Maximizing Space Asset Value

Founded in 2014 by

  • Luca Rossettini

Incubation period

01-09-2015 to 30-08-2017


D-Orbit aims to provide reliable decommissioning solutions for the next generation of spacecraft and launcher stages, committing to the business of promoting a durable and efficient growth of outer space resources. In Portugal, D-Orbit PT aim is the development of all the necessary software for D-Orbit’s missions and also to develop nanosatellite solutions to tackle the emerging and highly demanding Cubesat market.

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The challenge

PROBLEM #1: Limited data coverage of the middle layers of the atmosphere, relying heavily on remote observation.
PROBLEM #2: Cubesat satellites are lacking independent propulsion means.

The solution

D-Orbit Atmosphere Analyzer will provide higher accuracy for meteorological and telecom predictions. With the data provided the weather prediction time may be increased, giving more time to the population to adjust to incoming weather forecasts. This has very powerful social effects, as people might have a longer time-frame to prepare themselves and their assets. In the telecommunications field, a better understanding of the environment will help to boost the efficiency.