Geosolutions for Environment and Engineering

Founded in 2015 by

  • Óscar Filipe Gomes Moutinho

  • Ana Cassilda Santos Rodrigues

  • Ricardo Leite Pinto Mendes

Incubation period

01-12-2015 to 20-11-2017

About Eye2Map

Designing solutions for farmers and engineering applications in a different and innovative way, contributing to the development and use of technologies for sustainable and efficient manner.

Contact info

    • UPTEC Polo do Mar – Avenida da Liberdade
    • 4450-718
    • Porto
    • Portugal
  • +351220731399

The challenge

Eye2Map is a company dedicated to providing services of image and geographic information processing obtained by drone, airplane or satellite, using GNSS receivers for vehicle navigation and precise georeferencing of the data. The services consist on supporting decision making. We offer support for Agriculture and Forestry through regular aerial surveys, with technical and scientific advice, reducing costs and increasing productivity; Coastal monitoring to evaluate erosion, identify risk areas for local civil protection and economic value; Engineering applications with the creation of geographic information products, as well as scanning and 3D modelling of historical and architectural heritage of all sizes.

The solution

In the field of Agriculture and Forestry, Eye2Map operates with remote sensors for analysis and monitoring of the vegetative status and soil conditions, to support the decision of choosing the best cultivation techniques, thus saving resources and increasing productivity. The coastline needs constant monitoring due to the advance or retreat of the sea line and heavy erosion, and the dunes are very sensitive but critical ecosystems to ensure environmental, economic and social protection of coastal areas; Applications of Surveying Engineering with georeferenced information of great geometric precision and technical accuracy. Also we operate on the Heritage field, with 3D modelling to monitor historical buildings or under construction, in order to make measurements in digital form and view the buildings or objects or in 3D.
Eye2Map works with agricultural producers, farmers, forestry institutions, local administration, construction and survey companies.