Shaping the structures of tomorrow

Founded in 2015 by

  • Pedro Moura Pinto


Incubation period

01-08-2017 to 31-07-2019

About Fibersail

A continuous and automated real time shape monitoring service for the condition and behaviour of wond turbines blades with a simple and efficient way of integration.

Contact info

    • Av. da Liberdade 44, Leça da Palmeira
    • 4450-718
    • Porto
    • Portugal
  • +351 937260586

The challenge

Fibersail is a Big Data Analytics tool based on a real time shape sensing system that will help turbine blade manufacturers better understand and improve their products, and wind turbine operators improve performance and availability while preventing failures and reducing maintenance costs for their wind turbines. 

The solution

Fibersail is a shape sensing system based on FBG fiber optic research to monitor and analyze windmill blades in terms of shape, condition and behavior. The real-time information provided will help wind turbine operators to maximize performance and availability while preventing failures and maintenance costs from their windmills.
Our unique solution and approach with fiber optic sensors, makes it possible for a very easy and simple integration along the entire length of any critical structure to the monitoring of its precise shape and behavior.