Findster Technologies

Findster: The first high-range GPS tracker without monthly fees

Founded in 2015 by

  • David Barroso

  • Paulo Fonseca

Incubation period

01-02-2016 to 31-01-2018

About Findster Technologies

Findster is a novel GPS tracking system working on the safety of your beloved ones, finding them whenever you want.
Compared to other systems in the market, Findster is free of charges.
There are no monthly fees!
That is what makes us your best choice.

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The challenge

More than 8 million children are reported missing per year around the world. At the same time, 1 in 3 pets get lost at least once in their lifetimes, 90% of which are never found or returned. There currently aren't any tracking systems in the market that can adequately respond to those situation's needs (short obtainable range or high monthly cost). Findster, the innovative tracking system without monthly fees (Findster Kids or Findster Pets) has at the center of its ecosystem wireless communication established between a child/pet module and a guardian module, via our proprietary RF protocol. It allows us to achieve a longer range with reduced costs (no monthly fees). Real time monitoring, security zones and push notifications are some of the features accessible through our mobile app. Using another component (the Basestation) it is possible to further extend the system's range, as well as to connect it to wi-fi networks and to the Cloud, making Findster even more omnipresent.

The solution

Findster is an innovative GPS tracking system without monthly fees. Using proprietary RF technology, two modules communicate in a range of up to 0.62 miles (1 km) and enable features like real time monitoring, the creation of security zones and push notifications, all accessible through the mobile app.
Our first products are Findster Kids and Findster Pets, and we are working on new solutions that will use the same technology, in the future.