Inano Energy

Consulting, designing & prototyping service of energy harvesting solutions for wearables

Founded in 2015 by

  • João Oliveira Ventura

  • André Pereira

  • Mariana Proença

Incubation period

31-12-2015 to 30-12-2017

About Inano Energy

inanoEnergy develops custom-made flexible generators capable of converting wasted thermal and mechanical energy into electricity. Our technology solutions enable users to take advantage of hiking, traveling and daily body movement to power wearables, sensors, smartphones, etc.

Contact info

    • Rua Alfredo Allen, nº 455/461, Porto, Portugal
    • 4200-135
    • Porto
    • Portugal
  • +351 220402340

The challenge

Technology is getting increasingly smaller, powerfull, energetically efficient and flexible. Yet, the energy storage technology could not keep up with the electronic developments made during the last decades. So, in the recent tendency to miniaturize and flexibilize the technology, we have yet to drag big, rigid and heavy batteries with it. A new paradigm must be found to feed small, low consumption technology with the necessity to use temporary energy storages.
InanoEnergy provides an innovative, technologic high-end and efficient solution to permanently feed miniaturized and low consumption electronic, minimizing or in some cases avoiding the use of energy storage units.
InanoEnergy offers its services to two main industrial areas: footwear and clothing. Our customers are the industries with potential and will to improve their products and add technological value to them.

The solution

Space technology has for long supplied the terrestrial energy sector with innovative ideas, solutions and performance enhancements, often being the precursor for advances in the performance of non-space applications. ESA considered it's its duty to contribute to solving the present energy challenge and help mankind towards a carbon-neutral society. In fact, one needs to build and implement new energy generation solutions that are able to drastically reduce CO2 emission. In that sense, nano-generators that can harvest wasted energy from the environment and feed the multitude of electronic gadgets one now possess could be a key factor.