Lifetime Performance and Reliability Design - Product Development

Founded in 2014 by

  • Jorge Alexandre Vieira

  • João Soares

  • Tiago Cristóvão

Incubation period

19-04-2016 to 18-04-2018


MATEREO's mission is to maximize reliability during the life cycle of the final product. With strategic partnerships between academic institutions and industry, our goal is to bring to market high end technology and develop profitable business for all stakeholders, through new products and services in the field of civil engineering, mechanics and robotics.

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The challenge

Water is of vital importance to every aspect of biological lives. Monitoring water quality, both at the surface and under it, allows protecting water from pollution and other causes. Such information can be used to understand how nature and humans impact water and how one may play a decisive role in its conservation. MATEREO provides water quality monitoring and subaquatic mappings services in water bodies, using a small and portable Multi-Sensor Fusion System, which can be attached to any surface vehicle (e.g. regular boat) so as to provide measurements from water surface. The system can also be attached to any type of underwater vehicle and dive up to 50 meters deep. Our solution combines visual, atmospheric and pollution sensors, merged with Galileo system and Sentinels1/2/3 for GNSS positioning and Earth Observation Data (EOD).

The solution

Our solution combined with the EO data offers a holistic view of oceanic, coastal and inland water bodies at different scales and temporal resolutions. The technology used will provides the capability to perform water quality monitoring in water bodies (e.g. Industrial Discharges, Fish Farms) in an efficient way. Multi-sensor fusion in the marine environment is crucial for water quality monitoring. Such sensors may be static or mobile, in which the latter presents many advantages over the former, such as the possibility to cover a wider area at a considerably lower cost and the ability to reach places which would otherwise be impossible to reach without mobility. Our solution integrates a laser sensor to measure optic density of particles suspended on the water, which is one of the main parameters for water quality measurements and a multispectral camera to process images in different wavelengths underwater, as well other atmospheric/pollution sensors (e.g. pH, Temperature).