UNDERSEE - Enabling Precision Aquaculture with multi-variable real-time sensing and EOD.

Founded in 2014 by

  • Jorge Alexandre Vieira

  • João Soares

  • Tiago Cristóvão

Incubation period

19-04-2016 to 18-04-2018



UNDERSEE is Matereo’s first commercial solution – the enabler of Precision Aquaculture for the Global market. We provide a plug-and-play integrated solution to monitor and collect aquaculture data, scalable and easy to use (hardware sensor and cloud-based dashboard).

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The challenge

With over 25% of the seafood (molluscs and fish) consumed in the EU coming from fish farming and other aquaculture infrastructures, Europe has been in the forefront of quality and safety control. However, 57% of the aquaculture products consumed in the EU are imported, mainly from China and other Asian producers.
There is a sea of opportunities for increasing quality and efficient aquaculture in Europe – however, unlike agriculture, that has become more and more sophisticated with Precision Farming, aquaculture can still be vulnerable to unpredicted events such as contaminants, eutrophication and disease, than need to be quickly detected and corrected.

The solution

To contribute decisively to sustainable growth and decision support of activities related to the sea economy we developed a completely new concept for water quality
monitoring: Maritime Satellites. Maritime Satellites are a combination of a multi-sensor system, which integrates local sensors and satellite data (EOD) in our cloud platform, that has tools for data visualisation and risk management. Water quality data is collected continuously with integration of components such as global navigation satellite system (GNSS) for georeferenced positioning and 3G / 4G communication and Satellite communication for data transmission to our cloud platform. Water data and maps can be visualized online on the cloud by different interested parties (governmental entities or companies that depends of water resources, such as aquaculture, fishing and mollusc harvesting). The key innovation of our system is the integration of local sensors in a smart circuit, combined with space satellite technologies, particularly the ones being developed for Sentinel 2 and 3.