Festka - top quality hand made frames

Founded in 2010 by

  • Ondřej Novotný

Incubation period

01-03-2017 to 01-03-2018

About Festka

Drawing on the cycling tradition of the Czech Republic, Festka produces top quality hand crafted frames from carbon, titanium and steel.

Contact info

The challenge

To develop a new road race and track bicycle frame called Spectre, intended for use by professional cyclists from the Czech Track National Cycling team, and to achieve the increase of production output from the current approximately 500 frames per year by at least 100%, ideally by the year 2017. 

The solution

  • Products of the highest quality and top-notch design
  • Tailor made production, customer orientation
  • Highly-skilled team of experts, centralization of the know-how
  • Unique brand with worldwide recognition
  • Technologically advanced and smart materials
  • Intensive collaboration and interaction with respected research institutes