InsightArt combines together two seemingly unrelated words: arts and physics

Founded in 2016 by

  • Josef Uher

  • Jan Sohar

Incubation period

01-03-2017 to 31-05-2018

About InsightART

The core of our work is analysis of paintings and other art pieces using X-ray imaging. We use the best available X-ray imaging cameras that count individual photons of X-rays passing through the studied object. Even more, these cameras also measure wavelength of photons. That is unprecedented technique in art studies that allows identifying different types of materials (pigments) in images.

Contact info

    • Prague Startup Center - Jungmannova 31
    • 110 00
    • Prague
    • Czech Republic
  • +420 603444112

The challenge

InsightART’s mission is to help art collectors, museums and galleries in safer investments into art and in preserving the valuable cultural heritage.

The solution

In simple words InsightART provides the way of discovering whether the painting is fake or authentic, it also provides unique and highly detailed look behind the upper layer of the painting powering the restorers to work with high precision.