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Founded in 2017 by

  • Jan Kaštura

Incubation period

01-03-2017 to 31-03-2018

About TuddyTuddy

Find the best local guides wherever you go, based on what you like.

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The challenge

TuddyTuddy was created in response to the changing travel trends. The team behind the project consists of a group of young people who are an integral part of this change and perceive its impacts on their own. The whole concept is based on personal partnerships with local experienced providers, thanks to which TuddyTuddy builds exclusive market position and guarantees quality for travelers.

The solution

- Selected Tour operators and Activity operators. Controlled content quality and product structure.
- Different product approach. Oriented to local authenticity and new experiences rather than “classic tourist attractions”.
- Target group: Millennials. This group become largest generation worldwide and requires different approach than any generation before.
- Platform accessible through mobile app and web portal. Fast and easy booking process is required by millennials who are used to buy and order online.