Full process traceability and secure data transfer for additive manufacturing

Founded in 2016 by

  • Antoine JEOL

  • Alexandre GUERIN

  • Andrei MITUCA

Incubation period


About 3DTrust

3dTrust develops a software platform that ensures traceability in 3D printing operations, and transfers design files and data securely to and from 3D printers enabling digital continuity from the design file to the finished part. 
We enable a distributed manufacturing digital supply chain by securely connecting intellectual property (IP) owners, print shops, and end users by using data encryption/decryption and use the blockchain to store traceability data securely. 
 For printing centers (external or internal at OEM’s) the platform acts as a production management tool that digitalizes and streamlines the entire workflow in order to strengthen the digital continuity across all the manufacturing steps from design to finished part post-processing. It enables the live monitoring of the machines, optimized production scheduling, access to print performances history, digitalized reporting and traceability…

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The challenge

Our challenge is to support the transition of Additive Manufacturing from a prorotyping tool to an industrial production technology. Besides the business challenge it requires to make use of numerous technologies in order to ensure that parts printed remotely meet the highest quality and traceability requirements.

The solution

3DTRUST is a company developing a software solution enabling the industrialization of additive manufacturing with a focus on automation, process control, data security and traceability. This will enable the development of additive manufacturing in industries where it was only perceived as a prototyping tool and bring new ways of manufacturing parts.