Breakthrough electronic components for radiofrequency system makers

Founded in 2013 by

  • Romain Stefanini

Incubation period

26-01-2015 to 16-12-2016

About AirMems

AirMems develops, produces and markets radiofrequency electronic circuits based on a breakthrough technology called RF MEMS (Radio Frequency Micro Electromechanical systems) that has been developed at XLIM Laboratory in close collaboration with CNES (French Space Agency). This technology contributes to reduce telecommunication systems’ size and energy consumption while increasing their electronic subsystems performances.

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The challenge

The way we communicate is changing. We need higher data-rates, everywhere, every time, with every device consuming a small amount of energy. Therefore electronic system makers are improving the RF architectures to make them more efficient and more compact. To reach their goal, they need electronic chips with higher performances.

The solution

AirMems helps electronic system makers to build next generation of telecommunication systems (satellites, base stations, mobile devices...) by providing RF MEMS switches with a lower power consumption and 10 times better performances or 10 times lower size compare to current solutions.