ANYWAVES(c) designs and manufactures revolutionnary antennas for small carrier : CubeSats and Drones

Founded in 2017 by

  • Nicolas Capet

Incubation period


About AnyWaves

ANYWAVES offers ultra-compact, lightweight and high-performance antennas for various radiofrequency applications: GNSS, telecommunications, earth observation, atmospheric reentry...
Its patented breakthrough technology enables rapid antenna development for Nanosatellites and UAVs.
Our expertise : antenna placement optimization to guaranty your final performance, custom antennas for recurrent carriers or specific payloads, measurements: S-parameters and radiation pattern.

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The challenge

ANYWAVES designs and manufactures antennas for various professionnal applications using CubeSats and Drones.
We are developping our antenna portfolio to answer all the antenna needs for small innovative carriers.

The solution