Attestis protects building owners against objections thanks to GNSS, IoT and Blockchain

Founded in 2017 by

  • Guilhem Ensuque

  • Olivier Tosello

Incubation period

22-11-2017 to 21-11-2018

About Attestis

Attestis develops digital solutions for all actors in the construction industry : building owners, professionals and local planning authorities.
Attestis has patented the only solution that continuously proves the display of building permit notice signs, thereby eliminiating abusive objections that put projects at risk.
Attestis aims to digitalize all administrative procedures related to construction, end to end.

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The challenge

Attestis brings a solution to the problem of late objections in the construction industry.
An objection to the building permit can lead to the stopping or even demolition of ongoing construction works. This is even if the objection is filed beyond the 2-months time limit starting from the first day of display of the mandatory notice sign.
Without continuous proof of the display of the sign, building owners are at the mercy of abusive objections.
All kinds of construction projects are concerned. In France there are more than 1 million such projects authorised by city councils each year. Internationally, in countries like the US, Australia, Italy, Portugal, Belgium or Finland more than 3 million projects are potentially impacted every year.

The solution

Digital technologies and the Internet of Things are game changers and offer great adavntages in terms of probing strength, ease of use and cost compared to traditional proof solutions
Attestis proof system is the only one that proves *continuity* of display thanks to :
1. A "connected" building permit notice sign that embeds a GNSS tracking device allowing it to report its position continuously and detect movement or tampering attempts (patent pending)
2. A mobile service allowing other building owners members of the Attestis platform to testify of the sign's presence electronically 
3. A mobile service allowing the building owner and others to take geo-localized and timestamped photos of the sign, certified thanks to watermarking, ciphering and the blockchain