Make daily carpooling easy, a new platform to help people share transportation

Founded in 2017 by

  • Stéphane Perret

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Nowadays, more than 80% of the journey to work are made by people alone in their car. Among other incentives to use public transportations, carpooling represents an effective means to reduce congestion on major traffic arteries and automobile emissions.
However, carpooling existing solutions on the market do not perform well on that goal.
Geolocation, is a key technology to solve that problem. There is an opportunity to better leverage GNNS signal by adding a short-range radio component in vehicles to facilitate free-seats sharing on regular commute.
Carpooling is an emerging market with a growing demand. Citizens are looking for a way to reduce their commute cost and for a reliable alternative to public transportation where it fails.

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The challenge

Existing solutions require the user to describe manually their ride with timing and itinerary constraints. However, in order to deliver relevant sharing options, such service needs to understand people travels. Thus current systems have to tradeoff beetween manual input and accurate solutions.

The solution

Automation is the only way to free user from having to manually input data and still have the necessary amount of data to deliver good solutions.
Badjoto has invented a technology to help drivers change their commute behaviour with a better carpooling experience. By placing an affordable short-range LBS (Location Based System) in vehicles, Badjoto is augmenting GNNS signal with contextual information that can both be monitored by people smartphones. 
This technology will help capture driver travel habits automatically and bring a new predictive carpooling platform on the market.