Together in front of dangers: before, during, after!

Founded in 2013 by

  • Pierre-Marie Sarant

Incubation period

07-04-2014 to 30-04-2015

About CynSIS

CynSIS designs reliable and innovative devices to structure and share critical data during catastrophic events. CynSIS offers two solutions for public and professional use: QuakeShare App QuakeShare and Pro

Contact info

    • 1047 route des dolines
    • 06560
    • Valbonne Sophia Antipolis
    • France
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The challenge

QuakeShare is a smartphone application feeding into a collaborative service platform for preparedness, early warning dissemination and relief assistance effort optimisation after an earthquake.
It is composed of two key tools:

  • A smartphone application for qualified geolocated information
  • A Web-based Crisis Management Centre to prepare, manage and provide lessons learned of a seismic crisis.

It adapts to an organisation’s profile and needs : its size, distribution to one or more sites, number of staff, stationary or mobile, level of preparedness to the risk, magnitude if the crisis.


The solution