DIGINOVE provides solutions for document digitization and satellite image processing.

Founded in 2016 by

  • Michel BENET

  • Pierre-François BESSON

  • Stéphane GAKOVIC

Incubation period


About Diginove

DIGINOVE provides solutions and products for document digitization & image processing: Dexelia.
DIGINOVE is an expert and an innovative company in processing or visualization tools for satellite images. The core team is working together on image processing for more than 30 years, specifically in the image chain of the ground segment of observation satellites.
DIGINOVE is a member of the Safe Cluster and has been recognized as “Jeune Entreprise Innovante”.

Contact info

The challenge

DIGINOVE wants to build up a new civil service based on free satellite images.
The goal of Digispace service is to provide a geo localized population estimation. The estimation is based on:
• Identifying human-built structures: mainly buildings and houses.
• Characterizing the structures: skyscrapers, buildings, houses, sparse houses …
• Estimating the population using these structures: local model will be required.


The solution

The DIGISPACE service will propose different levels of accuracy:
• Automatic, using free image satellite (10m per pixel), and all available spectral bands.
• Expert analysis and better image resolution (< 5m per pixel).
• High accuracy on demand analysis for specific requirement on a limited area.