Constellation of Solutions for Nuclear Environment

Founded in 2014 by

  • Didier Mesnier

  • Stéphane Galinier

Incubation period

03-12-2014 to 03-12-2016


ELEMENTS is the outcome of SMEs from the space sector and specialized in the development of electronic, mechanic and radiation high-performance systems. ELEMENTS offers to the nuclear industry smart systems operating in hostile environments. One of their ideas consists in developing a robust and wireless communication system for nuclear operations and especially for nuclear decommissioning operations.

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The challenge

ELEMENTS’ goal is to propose technological solutions to nuclear operators and primes, especially for dismantling and decomissionning activities.
In situations where irradiation levels do not allow human intervention (dismantling, decommissioning or post-accidental situations such as e.g. Fukushima), it is necessary to use robotic or remotely operated mobile systems.
ELEMENTS’ expertise is based on the skills of its founders and partners. Over the last decades, they have proved their capability to develop complex technological systems dedicated to harsh environments and particularly environments where radiation levels are an important constraint.

The solution

ELEMENTS position in the value chain is to support nuclear operators by delivering radiation hardened technologies offering industrial characteristics like reliability and robustness.
The first product developed by ELEMENTS is a radiation-hardened wireless communication system that allows remote monitoring of fixed or mobile systems in nuclear facilities.