A software platform to build real time monitoring applications without any coding

Founded in 2013 by

  • Jean-Philippe Beaujard

  • Olivier Hodac

Incubation period

31-03-2014 to 30-06-2015


About FlightWatching

FlightWatching provides innovative solutions to reduce costs in developing monitoring applications related to aircraft operations. Their platform allows to set up real time diagnosis of performance and failures without any coding.

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The challenge

How much time does it take to pushback an aircraft? What's the average time per airport? How much time is waisted before departure? These metrics are precious for airlines that want to reduce turnaround times. A recent article from Airinsight provides information on pushback times. Each minute is worth $100 per aircraft per turnaround! The data comes from Acars messages.  Does anybody really take a look at raw Acars data today? Why not? Need to develop specific software ? Do it with FlightWatching !

The solution