Optimize Air Traffic Management! Your airport is bigger than you think!

Founded in 2014 by

  • Amine Karray

  • Stephane Bascobert

Incubation period

01-01-2015 to 31-07-2016


Innov’ATM develops a suite of software and services to help civil aviations, airports, airlines to optmize air traffic management with the dedicated sofware suite named SkyKeeper Suite® including a coupled arrival/departure manager, surface manager, 4D Live trajectory predictor, A-CDM, Parking Manager. Innov'ATM brings its expertise in software development covering ATM topics and participates to R&D activities in the frame of national and European programs.

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The challenge

IATA and Eurocontrol studies demonstrated that air traffic will be multiplied by 2 in the US and Europe and by 3 in Asia by 2030 and that airport infrastructures are not easily extendable. Innov'ATM grew out of the need to optimize air traffic management around aiports to assist civil aviations, ANSPs, airports and airlines stakeholders to reach their full capability and get the best from their existing resources, assets and infrastructure. Innov'ATM brings its expertise in ATM systems deployment to design innovative solutions taking into account the airport specific constraints. ATM optimization consists in computing with the highest level of accuracy the estimated time of arrival of aircrafts to determine the optimized sequence that enables the controller to communicate the tactical order to the pilot to respect this sequence.

The solution

SkyKeeper Suite® is a modular solution, interoperable with other systems that enable controllers and airport stakeholders to manage and optimize arrival, departure and ground movements in a complex operational environment. Optimizing arrival flow will bring fuel savings for airlines, rationalize the communication between controllers and pilots and increase the airport capacity. In order to achieve this demand in accuracy, ground trajectory prediction shall model exactly the 3D path of the aircraft as performed today by the FMS onboard including aircraft turns on their trajectory.