LEKOOA is a location based services company: indoor geolocation, progressive web apps, physical web

Founded in 2015 by

  • Stephane Kreckelbergh

  • Xilban Kreckelbergh

Incubation period

12-05-2016 to 11-05-2018

About Lekooa

LEKOOA literally means « the place », in Basque, OO adding a certain digital connotation to the name!. Founded in 2015 by two brothers, this young innovating company made base of the revolution Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), its specific asset, in order to improve the user experience (education, retail...).

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The challenge

Having a weak blow and very low consumption, the BLE is the base of the objects internet but it is also a process of interior geo-tracking. LEKOOA also implements a specific communication protocol patented by the CNES for geo-tracking in interior, which will be integrated in their product at the time of the second edition of ActInSpace®. Easy to deploy, the technology of LEKOOA has several scopes of application, and in particular the dematerialization of the annotating during classes or conferences.

The solution

In the sectors of both education and trade, LEKOOA facilitates the flow of information by inter-connecting places, people and business.
Solution E-MARGER
For each lesson, learners notify of their attendance using the E-MARGER application on their smartphone.
The teacher can find out in real-time the actual number of learners present and can sign for any students who are not equipped with a smartphone.
The administration can download the control panel for each room within the facility to alert financial organisms of any students who may be absent.
The use of E-MARGER reduce the cost of attendance evaluation to a half full time equivalent.