Opt'ALM transpose on aeronautic domain applications the use of techniques employed on satellite

Founded in 2015 by

  • Alain Toufine

Incubation period

01-12-2015 to 01-06-2017


As the aircrafts become more and more electrical and because many embedded electronic equipment’s are more and more powerful, the thermal exchanges in their packaging must be increased while their masses, their production costs must be lower than the present ones.

Contact info

    • 10 avenue de l’Europe
    • 31520
    • Ramonville Saint-Agne
    • France
  • +33534320202

The challenge

The implementation proposed by OPT’ALM in a new manufacturing process strongly coupled with engineering phase (optimization, sizing) integrating very soon the manufacturing constrains. This process is based on the Laser Metal Deposit 3D printing technology. By this way, the architectures can be adapted to thermal and/or mechanical needs. These new structures will be made in monobloc metallic 3 Dimensions (locally with multi-material), with increased global performances (from 3 to 20 times compared to current ones), with reduced lead times and costs (at least 25% compared to current ones). Moreover, it’s possible by this technique to build high sized structures (around cubic meter).

The solution