O'Sol is a clean tech company, we develop smart grid system based on solar energy.

Founded in 2017 by

  • Idriss Sisaïd

  • Enrique Garcia Bourne

Incubation period


About O'SOL

O’Sol makes solar power accessible to mobile or temporary applications in isolated place thanks to its solution : an intelligent and autonomous deployable solar generator.

Contact info

    • Créacannes - 11 avenue Maurice Chevalier
    • 06150
    • CANNES
    • FRANCE
  • +334 89 82 28 2

The challenge


The solution

O’Sol offers Alpha, a complete solar solution : a solar generator and an online plateform to track its performance and manage its operations.
Our solar generator is adaptable and highly automated, which makes it very easy to use and reduces the cost of installation and dismantling of the solar infrastructure.