PERMAGRO helps farmers to become more profitable thanks to new technologies

Founded in 2017 by

  • Clément Fraigneau

Incubation period

21-12-2017 to 21-12-2018


PERMAGRO was created in 2016. The main activity of the company is the advice and support in farm management, land and agricultural expertise and development of digital tools for the agricultural sector. Its objective is to create and use innovative solutions to help as many companies as possible towards a profitable, sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture. 
The common feature of all our works (agronomy, land, administrative) is the use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS). They serve at the same time during the phases of audits, advice and support of customers. Most customer deliverables are based on maps with rich and relevant information. That's why it was decided to make GIS the heart of the company and to develop all our efforts around geographic information. By using geographic databases linked to algorithms to automate the collection, processing and delivery of data to customers, we will make our consulting business more scalable but also more affordable for segments that we couldn’t reach. Therefore we can grow the company both with the automation of our work and the conquest of new markets.

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The challenge

Our challenge is to be able to automate as much as possible services for farmers, by helping them on the administrative and agronomic management of their company thanks to the new technologies including complex and geographical databases, algotrithms, artificial intelligence and geographic information systems. This automation should allow all farmers, even the most modest, to have access to tools to sustain their activity while producing food of quality and respect for man and the environment.

The solution

We combine our agronomic, land management and legal skills with new technologies, geographical and spatial data with powerful tools for data analysis, processing and representation. We develop a web platform that allows us to automate the advice we currently do and to develop new services that are not present on the market.
This web platform allows farmers:
·         To better understand their farming through a complete mapping of their land and their parcels, as well as all constraints related to them (topography, environmental zones, regulations, networks).
·         To save time and money by making their administrative and regulatory records more reliable.
·         To make the right strategic decisions to sustain their business, especially regarding agricultural investments.
·         To prepare the succession of agricultural companies and to encourage the establishment of new farmers