CREATE EFFICIENT CITIES! We provide analytics and artificial intelligence for urban mobility.

Founded in 2014 by

  • Raphael CHERRIER

  • Clément COLLIGNON

Incubation period

01-01-2016 to 01-06-2017


QUCIT, start-up created in 2014, specializes in artificial intelligence and predictive data analysis. Its mission is to reduce pollution and waste of natural resources by developing solutions to improve urban mobility based on the analysis of a large number of urban data sources.

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The challenge

QUCIT publishes the first predictive engine for bike-availability in bike sharing systems and its BikePredict app is available today in 30 cities. Furthermore, QUCIT works with operators to improve the availability and quality of bikes in bike sharing systems by optimizing the bikes redistribution and accelerating the detection of defective bikes and docks by statistical methods.
The second application to date of QUCIT technology is CityPark, a mobile app that helps drivers find a parking spot. QUCIT predictive algorithms determine the time needed to find an on-street parking spot depending on location, time of arrival and urban context. The driver is then directed to the optimal solution based on personal criteria, de facto reducing traffic and parking time.

The solution