Reflet du Monde

Our 4 main activities: drone pilot training, aerial shooting network, drone sales and R&D

Founded in 2014 by

  • Patrice Rosier

  • Lilian Marolleau

Incubation period

01-07-2016 to 01-07-2018

About Reflet du Monde

Reflet du Monde is a company based in the heart of the Bordeaux Technowest-Bordeaux Aéroparc area, founded from the association of different specialists : Aerospace engineer, aerial photographer, drone experts.

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The challenge

RDM ONE drone aims at enabling civil customers to have access to certain technologies used on military drones, such as satellite telecommunication, to extend the range of drones to hundreds of kilometers. This will allow new missions in many areas and specifically monitoring of large-scale energy and passengers transport networks (power lines, pipelines, roads, railways, etc...) and environmental monitoring of large areas (natural parks, coastline and forest). 

The solution

3 meters wingspan, 3 kg payload, minimum 3 hours operational endurance : these are the main key figures of RDM ONE, which will weigh 25 kg MTOW (maximum take off weight). Different versions of this drone will be gradually proposed, which will step-by-step increase its performance. (Flight test : )