Reduce risks, improve training, archive the know-how, diffuse it with an efficient VR/AR solution

Founded in 2015 by

  • Maxime Ros

Incubation period

21-12-2017 to 21-06-2019

About Revinax

Revinax aims to be the leader in Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality space to transmit skills.
There is a need to reduce risks for people or employees working. There is a need to archive traditionnal way and old technique 
This is a humanist project to help people learn better, faster, and share their knowledge. This is the renew of technical notes adapted to new technologies. We'll collect all the human know-how and deliver it easily, in an affordable and accessible way. The pragmatism behind Revinax makes it as an evidence to be used.

Contact info

    • Bât Cap Omega Rond Point Benjamin Franklin
    • .34960
    • .Montpellier / Toulouse
    • .France
  • +33563756624

The challenge

We need to preserve human knowledge in order to go further. Everyday avalanche of new techniques, procedures, hit the market. People must communicate about this to keep updated. 
Considering space adventure, people in charge of trials, tests, needs to cumulate a lot of knowledge to being able to reproduce gestures they learned on the ground, in International Space Station. When it comes to health management, it can be even more difficult to face an emergency in these conditions.
Revinax has applied to this program to be able to deliver to astronaute an easy way to review regularly emergencies procedures thanks to VR, and to be assisted while they reproduce a gesture thanks to AR. At first for medical purpose, then for other techniques.
At the end of the day, if human wants to conquer planets, these pionneers won't be able to bring onboard every specislist and technicians. At least, they will have the possibility to bring with them the whole human knowledge, to know-how, thanks to Revinax libraries.

The solution

Thanks to our solution called the "immersive tutorial", every gesture, simple or complicate, can be easily transmitted. This immersive tutorial is an environment dedicated to learn, living the experience from the expert perspective.
Using our patented equipment, wore by the expert, we record in 3D his field of view. Then we edit chapters corresponding to the different steps of the procedure. After this, the tutorial is created. Once you wear the headset, you face a screen, as if you were seeing through the eyes of the expert. On each side of this main screen, we add data to explain, comment what is going on. By this way, you learn, living the experience in the context of the expert.
Tutorials are collected in a library which you can download on your smartphone: a mobile application. Use of VR is to train and review, using it in AR allows to check the different steps during the procedure.
Simple to create, accessible, people are not only seeing something, they are living the experience to learn. They can review any situation, anywhere at anytime to be sure to respect steps and thus be sure to apply the correct rules to perform a procedure.