Smart'N'Go is an innovative startup developing software solutions for shipping companies

Founded in 2017 by

  • Mehdi Halitim

  • Matthew Rives

  • Michel Barillaro

Incubation period


About Smart'N'Go

Smart'N'Go helps its customers in their digitization to reduce their fuel expenditure.
For this, we propose several solutions:

  • Manta : Optimized routing
  • Cachalot : Precise measurement of the waterline
  • Narval : Big Data solution for ships


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The challenge

Shipping companies spend 20% of their turnover in fuel in a context of increasingly strict regulations. Reducing the fuel outgoings is primary for shipping company who must deal with economic profitability and legislation constraints.

The solution

Smart'N'Go Manta solution is providing optimized ship routes saving 5% of their fuel consumption. This SaaS solution takes in account weather forecasting, hydrodynamic physics of the ship and economical customers requirement.
In Smart'N'Go we have the conviction that environment is an investment of the future and that there is an economical reality in the ecological effort.