SnapPlanet is a social mobile app to create and share pictures from space

Founded in 2017 by

  • Jerome Gasperi

Incubation period

10-03-2017 to 09-03-2019


An easy, affordable and enjoyable access to Earth Observation data to empower citizens, journalists, scientists to tell stories from a higher perspective


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The challenge

In a post-truth world where citizens are flooded with information, storytellers and communicators need new media that is more impactful, trustworthy and enjoyable

The solution

The Earth observation Social Network
At its core, SnapPlanet provides a “photographic centric” mobile application to create beautiful images of the Earth from space within seconds, thanks to the freely available ten meters Sentinel-2 imagery. These data ensure a free high-resolution snapping service for all users. These “snaps” can be annotated, commented and shared, making SnapPlanet a great tool for disseminating data and communicating about current issues such as conflicts and natural disasters or environmental changes.
By combining the ever-increasing availability of Earth observation (EO) images with the advantages of a social network for everyone, SnapPlanet wants to drive new uses of EO data to educate and communicate about the social, economic and environmental issues that we face today on a global scale.