Pratiquez une activité physique en fonction de vos capacités réelles et de votre santé

Founded in 2015 by

  • Hugo HURTADO

  • Anais BALOR

  • Roxane BALOR

Incubation period

01-06-2016 to 01-12-2017


Start Track is the personalized sports coach that will allow you to adapt your physical effort depending on your fitness and your real health capacity. Thanks to the analysis of your physiology, weather conditions and geographical environment, Start Track can send you recommendations during your route that will enable you to adapt your effort.  

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The challenge

Each year in France, there are 1 million accidents related to sport because of an unsuitable effort due to people overrunning their actual capacity. Start Track is the solution thanks to its analysis of 60 parameters which will generate, in real time, accurate and reliable recommendations. Start Track provides an application which corresponds to your physiology and the environment you find yourself in. The aim is to practice a sporting safely and to maintain good health and consistency. The application will be available in BtoC via Apple Store and Google Store. However, the application will also be available in BtoBtoC through insurers who will offer our solution to their members. A long term goal is to allow doctors and surgeons to follow, measure and analyse the evolution of their patients.

The solution

Thanks to the reliability of the recommendations, the application is able to allow any individual to be able to resume or to practice a physical activity safely. For this, the application must be coupled with a cardio frequency meter. We are also working in close collaboration with health professionals in order to implement new physiological parameters allowing to take into account certain pathologies (ex: cardiac). The objective being to allow physicians to be able to monitor, observe and measure the evolution of their patients by feedback data and thereby facilitate the monitoring of patients. Start Track is the only application that takes into account the overall physiology of the individual as well as their environment in order to anticipate the risk of injuries caused by an excessive or poorly adapted physical practice. Therefore anybody can practice a sport stress free.