Syntony GNSS


Founded in 2015 by


  • Béatrice KORSAKISSOK

Incubation period

01-07-2015 to 30-06-2017

About Syntony GNSS

Created in 2015, SYNTONY offers GNSS solutions (GPS, Galileo, ...), embedded receivers and constellation simulators, and indoor positioning technologies.
SYNTONY raised 1M€ upon french VCs in 2016, in order to accelerate its international market penetration, and created its subsidiary in the US, based in California and in New York City.
SYNTONY GNSS has already convinced world-wide leaders to adopt its solutions (France, US, and Sweden, for the first customers).

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The challenge

The challenges addressed by Syntony are always related to the ability of knowing "where am I" or "where is an object"?
Today solutions are mainly based on GPS signal, outdoor.
But GPS is not alone anymore: how to get my receiver work with all new constellations (without having to change it every year), how to achieve better precision, how to get it work indoors?
And all these challenges address different kind of stakeholders, which have quite different needs :
- the system manufacturer which will integrate the receiver inside his aircraft, satellite, launcher, car, smartphone, IoT chip.
- the designer of the GNSS receiver itself
- the operator or even the end-user

The solution

Answer offered by SYNTONY to indoors location issue:
SUBWAVE product: provide Emergency Call Location inside the subway stations and tunnels.
SUBWAVE is the only solution which allows any 112 or 911 call to be located precisely (existing smartphones), even without having installed any application or driver.
In addition, it makes the security people to be constantly localised by their headquarter, being then able to optimize their deployment.
SUBWAVE has already been installed in the STOCKHOLM Metro, and is forecast to be deployed in many new towns during the next years, as there is absolutely no comparable system, and the security need ("saving lifes during crisis") is becoming more and more critical in all coutries.
Second example of SYNTONY solution: SoftSpot Receiver: change your old GPS chipset by our embedded SDR GNSS receiver, and you will never need a hardware upgrade to be compatible with new ICD release.