Terranis, a company specialized in geoinformation services in agriculture and environment domains

Founded in 2014 by

  • Marc Tondriaux

  • David Hello

Incubation period

01-04-2015 to 01-08-2016


TerraNIS is a company specialized in the design, the development and the commercialization of geoinformation services in agriculture and environment domains.

Contact info

    • 10 avenue de l’Europe
    • 31520
    • Ramonville Saint-Agne
    • France
  • +33534320202

The challenge

TERRANIS develops a regional platform called Eugenius for data receiving, processing, integrating and archiving in order to facilitate decision-making process in the fields of agriculture and environment. This platform’s purpose is to be duplicated and used by a large audience of European SMEs sharing the same technology and the same geoinformation product catalogue at the regional level. Each SMEs member of the network addresses its own regional market. The most innovative part of Eugenius consists in developing an “intelligent data receiver” able to process important data flows coming from the SENTINEL satellites constellation thanks to a local market oriented approach.

The solution