Manage and monitor your sportsmen in just two clicks

Founded in 2014 by

  • Emeric BALDISSER

Incubation period

01-12-2015 to 30-11-2017

About TrackMyFit

TrackMyFit is the collaborative solution to monitoring activities of the physical preparation for fitness room and fitness profesionals. It’s a tool for athlete and their coaches, whether they are professional or amateur. The platform is designed to gets better relationship between sportsmen and staffs, but also to bring together fitness center to their members.

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The challenge

PhysioTrack is a model predicting athlete's performances on a predefined track for endurance sports (cycling, running), regarding his/her abilities and past performances. Our idea is to extend this patent to workouts mixing muscles strengthening, swimming, stretching to provide TrackMyFit users with a prevention tool that will make them execute their physical trainings with the right intensity regarding their form.
Today, TrackMyFit allows users to ajust physical sessions to sportsmen’s characteristic in order to limit risk of injuries or overtraining. Especially, this solution offers to do the prediction of the performances on a session.

The solution