XSole : easy and cozy wearable GPS tracking solution which increase performance and security

Founded in 2013 by

  • Sylvain RISPAL

Incubation period

01-05-2015 to 01-05-2017

About TRAXxs

Allowing space based services to enter the shoe industry we make walking experience smarter, safer and more efficient.

Contact info

    • c/o business pôle, 1047 route des dolines
    • 06560
    • Sophia Antipolis
    • France
  • +33 489704019

The challenge

TRAXxs is a startup that combines satnav tracking and shoes. Supported by ESA BIC, working in collaboration with academics and industrial key partners our young innovative company develops ultra-low power geo-location systems.
We integrate technology in removable comfort insoles that transform any type of shoes in real-time tracking systems.
XSole pairs with a wide range of services add 'data' dimension to the footwear industry.
The apps target the safety/security with worker protection as well as professionals in health and sports then later general public with connected leisure.

The solution

We develop dedicated passive antennas and exclusive microelectronic architecture to provide ultra-low power solutions. We combine GPS/GNSS, GSM/GPRS, and sensor data to compute detailed information on the real time location and activities of the shoe wearer. The wearable design is built to fit most of the shoes, from children to adults and professionals.