Wave Bumper


Founded in 2017 by

  • Romain Chapron

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About Wave Bumper

WAVE BUMPER is a fully flexible flood defence system that is designed to protect the coastline against the destructive impact of the sea. WAVE BUMPER devices are moveable barriers that can be rapidly deployed in zones where there is a risk of wave damage and flooding. They are simple to use, fast to deploy, and have no negative effects on the environment. 
A range of devices have been designed to respond to a variety of different situations and challenges. 

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The challenge

The consequences of climate change on our environment are increasingly visible and worrying.
Coastlines are becoming more urbanised and are losing their role as a buffer between land and sea. It is estimated that five to ten kiometres of the world's coastline is being built upon every day.
Today more than 60% of the world's population lives in coastal areas (3.8 billion people).
It is therefore essential to provide protection for these coastal populations today and in the future.
We must find ways to protect ourselves against phenomena created by climate chang,e particularly the growing risk of sea flooding.

On the French mainland, low lying areas covering 7,000km2 could be confronted with the phenomenon of marine submersion. Such episodes can cause loss of life as well as damage to property so a pragmatic approach is required to optimize the chosen system of protection.


The solution

THE WAVE BUMPER SYSTEM is composed of mobile seawalls designed to protect coastal areas from ocean hazards whilst respecting the local environment. This anti-submersion system resists the destructive impact of  storm waves and can be rapidly deployable wherever and whenever it is required.
To ensure that the coastal protection 'buffer' is used in the right place and at the right time, WAVE BUMPER has developed an application that can  generate risk alerts. This free app uses data supplied by the European Space Agency to forecast flood risks on a global scale and model them with local precision.
The WAVE BUMPER calculator analyses and compares hydrodynamic data as well as geomorphological factors in the areas exposed to risk. It offers a targeted protection solution that optimises the positioning of WAVE BUMPER modules on site.