A bright future for O'Sol

22 January 2018

O’sol is a French simplified joint stock company, founded in 2016 by Idriss Sisaïd and Enrique Garcia Bourne. O’sol is developing an innovative concept - a mobile, self-deployable solar array inspired by satellite technology.

Idriss Sisaïd graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts & Métiers and Enrique Garcia Bourne holds a Master's degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Bath. They both have a Master's degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Cranfield, where they met.

In 2014, Idriss Sisaïd, who follows CNES activities with interest, heard about the ActInSpace competition. They therefore both went to Cannes to take part, motivated by their passion for space technology.

They only had 24 hours to rise to one of the challenges set by CNES and its partners, and their team was not able to come up with an interesting project. However, far from becoming disheartened, they chose a new challenge, an "origami for space solar panels", even though they had almost reached the third of their time. This was a wise choice and their determination paid off, as Enrique's and Idriss' team won first prize in Cannes. They therefore won their trip to Toulouse to take part in the national final at the Toulouse Space Show. At the end of a very close-run final, the team ended up in second place.

Yet this was just the start of their adventure. ActInSpace awoke a passion for entrepreneurship in the two students. They wanted to take an active part in energy transition and, convinced that entrepreneurship could be a progress driver for the environment, they decided to complete the project they had dreamed up.

Enrique and Idriss continued working on the project they put forward during the competition, almost completely overhauling it. For this, they benefited from support from CNES, providing technical advice, and then from an 18-month programme in the Paca-Est business incubator in May 2015. They founded O'sol on 5 October 2016 and are developing an initial functional prototype for the mobile, self-deployable solar array.

The two friends, inspired by the technology proposed in the ActInSpace challenge, were able to develop a new hinge technology for solar panels, which had a new patent pending in January 2017.

In April 2017, O'sol joined ESA BIC Sud-France and completed a new model, called Alpha, which was even more effective. This product is an effective, environmentally-friendly alternative to diesel generators, thanks to a number of advantages: mobile and foldable, it requires no technical skills to be used, can be quickly installed, and several can be connected together to quickly form a powerful electrical network.

The founders of the young start-up hope to show the effectiveness of their invention this year at a festival. The two markets targeted are events management and the humanitarian sector. Both sectors have specific energy requirements that O'sol can meet (temporary, mobile, quickly installed and autonomous).

O’sol is also developing a digital platform to monitor the solar panels in situ and continues to work with CNES.

Enrique Garcia Bourne
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